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Harrisonburg Domestic Relations Attorney

Qualified, Compassionate Counsel

I have provided legal counsel, help and service to clients involved in divorce and other domestic relations matters for more than 20 years. I assist clients through the difficult time of divorce by helping them set realistic expectations that protect their individual futures. I also provide knowledgeable assistance for parents interested in adoption. My goal is to protect your interests throughout the process.

Experienced Staunton Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a stressful and emotional time in the life of any individual. Many times the emotional levels of divorce can overshadow your ability to clearly evaluate your options. I give you an honest assessment of your case up front so you can make informed, responsible decisions about how to proceed. I help you understand your options in:

  • Property division — how to fairly divide the marital estate, including the home, bank accounts, personal possessions and other assets
  • Spousal support — understanding your obligations to provide or receive support, if any, including statutory requirements regarding the amount and time frame for providing/receiving spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation — representing both mothers and fathers in custody and visitation disputes. I understand this is often the most emotional issue divorcing couples face, and use my experience to establish a fair agreement that protects your parent-child relationship based on your unique situation.
  • Child support — calculating support using Virginia guidelines as well as imputing income to a nonworking or lazy parent

My goal is that once the process is complete, you can move on with your life knowing that your relationships and interests are preserved and protected.

I take child custody disputes very seriously. If you have been unfairly denied visitation by a custodial parent or you are seeking to restrict visitation for reasons such as drug or alcohol abuse or have other concerns regarding the safety of your children, contact my office to discuss your concerns. A scheduled consultation may answer many of your questions.

Services in Adoption

The adoption of a child is one of the most significant times in the life of not only the parent but also of the adoptive child. Whether it is an adoption by a stepparent, grandparent or by parental placement with friends or other individuals, I use my experience to help you through each step of the adoption process.

Contact Sherwin John Jacobs, Attorney at Law

If you need a skilled Harrisonburg domestic relations lawyer, contact my office by calling 540-564-1138 to discuss your unique situation. You can also send me an e-mail. I accept payment by cash or credit card, and offer reasonable rates for my services.

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